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Coshocton, OH October 4, 2016

Posted by Executive Secretary on October 4, 2016 at 11:35 AM

Blake's Diesel Care Limited Pro Diesel Trucks


  1. Josh Bowers, The Sound of Madness  366.490
  2. John Anthony Humpe IV, Trouble Maker  362.885
  3. Roger Straley, Razor's Edge  361.100
  4. Caleb Griffith, Oughta Know Better  351.480
  5. Adam Hallien, Wrecker  350.130
  6. Mike Burton, Backwoods Evolution  342.050
  7. Daniel Holnaider, Cost of Living  341.305
  8. Zach Pickerel, Ripcord  333.705
  9. Dustin Beheler, Diggin Deep  331.965
  10. Rob Wright, All Attitude  327.725
  11. Lee Burke, Self Destruct  327.660
  12. Brad Westbrook, Night Train  324.734
  13. John Shriver, Thunderstruck  H&B


Columbus Diesel Light-Limited Pro Stock Tractors


  1. Greg Kenreigh, Bad Company  355.115
  2. Jeremy Lee, Disposable Income  348.555
  3. Jerry Martin, JD 5020  341.375
  4. Josh Lee, Moolah Taker  335.510
  5. Dan Gibbs, Rebel Outlaw  334.335
  6. Tom Miller, Miller Time  329.600
  7. Kurt Rickett, Bad Bad Girlfriend  328.885
  8. Brandon Bell, Fire Fox  326.885
  9. Drew Parkinson, Commandeere  320.880
  10. Tom Shafer, The Boss  309.145
  11. Dan Parkinson, Bombadeere Reloaded  293.960
  12. Bryan Huff, ACes & Eights  293.575
  13. Dave Mandrik, Red Devil  287.425
  14. Jon Cronkleton, Red Dog Unleashed  286.480
  15. Terry Shafer, Bad Company  282.720


SCS Gearbox Super Modified Four Wheel Drive Trucks

  1. Kenny Lucas, Fantasy  338.000
  2. Evan Pearce, Thunderstruck  326.490
  3. Kenny Lucas, Dirt Donkey  326.420
  4. Austin Berry, Black Diamond  325.695
  5. David Pearce, Stormer  324.325
  6. Guy Shingleton, Shotgun Red  322.120
  7. Kent Franks, Tasmanian Devil  321.680
  8. Don Carlyle, Hammer Down  316.875
  9. Nathan Frey, Back 4 More  316.290
  10. Todd Dugan, Angry Farmer  315.250
  11. Steve Barker, Live Wire  314.780
  12. John Grau, After Hours  306.645
  13. Zachary Egbert, Wild Ride  306.620

Riverside Engine Pro Stock Tractors (non-points event)

  1. Monte McCoy, Dusk Till Dawn  346.170
  2. Matt Gibeaut, The Hurricane  333.820
  3. John Cespedes, Fool's Gold  291.270
  4. Shane Parsons, Waterloo Boy  283.680

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