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The Super Modified Two-Wheel Drive Truck division is filled with colorful truck body styles and equally dazzling paint schemes. Using supercharged and alcohol-injected drag racing-type engines, these Trucks indeed awe the crowd with their power and on-track antics, with part of their weight transfer characteristics resulting in towering wheel-stands at various points along the track. Their machines can weigh no more than 6,200 pounds, and finding the desired balance in keeping them pointed straight is truly a challenge.

Ag Protect 1 Two Wheel Drive Trucks

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mosier ind. srv. Limited Pro Diesel Trucks

Who doesn’t love a pickup truck that can throw diesel smoke like crazy? The Lim Pro Diesel 4×4 Pickups are one of the fastest growing classes in Ohio State. Fans will shout their loyalty to their brand of choice as these 8000 lb pickups come out to shows in high quantities. They pull at a weight of 8000 lbs with OEM truck bodies and chassis. 


SCS Gearbox Super Mod. 4-Wheel Drive Trucks 

The Super Modified Four-Wheel Drive Truck is like no other class in the county. Using supercharged and alcohol-injected drag racing-type engines, 575 C.I. an with 1471 blowers, these trucks indeed awe the crowd with their power. Mixing the high revving blower engines and big cubic inch natural truck in the mix. This class brings close action and different winners from night to night. This class is truly a drivers class. 

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Super Stock Diesel Trucks are a major fan favorite with their 3000+ horsepower diesel powerplants and two-stage triple-turbos producing insane amounts of boost. These are truly exotic machines, sporting custom tube frames, hydraulic tilt-bodies, massive "overkill axles" and single speed transmissions with a quick-change transfer case that distributes the massive horsepower to all four wheels. 

Cyclone (2).png

cyclone diesel performance Pro Stock Semis

Though these rigs may look similar to the one that towed them in, they are not quite the average truck one may pass on the highway. At 20,000lbs these are the heavy hitters. Pulling with single turbo and DOT approved tires, the Semi’s have become a fan favorite across the country.  With high horse power and the ability to pull the front tires off the ground, this class has become known for it’s power and thrilling performances by each competitor.



The Light-Limited Pro Stock  class is a tip of the hat to the younger days of Pro Stock Tractor pulling. Light Pro's are are limited to 540 Cubic inches and Limited to a 4.1 turbo charger, 640 cubic inches. This combined class bring a ton of action to the track. 


Riverside Engine Pro Stock Tractors

Pro Stock Tractors are crowd favorites, the RPM’s, horsepower give you goosebumps.  These machines top out at a maximum of 10-thousand pounds and may bolt on a single turbocharger to an engine that can be built up to 680 cubic-inches in displacement. Using a combination of diesel fuel and water injection, these smoke-billowing monsters contain some of the more legendary teams in the sport.  This is the most powerful single turbo charged class in the sport of pulling.

Fennig Equipment.png

Fennig EQUIPMENT Super Stock Tractors

Strap in to 8000 lbs. of high flying fun with the Super Stocks. Limited to 650 cubic inches, these machines may boast as many as four turbo chargers staged together in song. With methanol pumping through these engines, the Unlimited Super Stocks have become known for their ground pounding power and amazing wheel speed. Keeping these bad boys between the lines and settled down is a daunting task for the driver, but the fans can't get enough of the awesome power coming from these machines.


Probell Racing Modifieds

This class is an engineer's dream, as the goal is to get two or three piston motors, three Turbines or Allison Aircraft Engines to sing in harmony, in a pursuit of putting the power to the track. Tipping the scales at 7500lbs, the competitors in the Super Modified Tractor class must use every ounce to they have to their advantage. Fans from across the country, pack the stands for a chance to watch these machines throw dirt .

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